Corrugated ChemicalsMBE
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Adopt Lean Manufacturing Principles; Order a Wide Range of Factory Supplies from One Source

Through the Corrugated Chemicals LOADS program, companies:

  1. Save Time – One call, one PO, one invoice, & one shipment replaces multiple calls, POs, invoices, and shipments
  2. Reduce Freight Costs – The combined weight of many items on one truck is less in freight than one item on several trucks
  3. Control Inventory – Keeping the optimum amount of inventory increases efficiencies and reduces cost
  4. Reduce Transactions – Time and money are saved with each transaction that is eliminated
  5. Save Money – All these efficiencies add to the bottom line


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Headquarters: 5410 Homberg Drive, Suite 20 Knoxville, TN 37919 Phone:865-588-2471 Fax: 865-588-2473
Manufacturing: 3865 Virginia Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45227 Phone: 513-561-7773 Fax: 513-527-6892