We have one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. Through a series of questions and onsite process observations, we can customize the best solutions for your unique operation.


Performance Additives

Customers use our performance additives for a variety of reasons. Some plants need consistent high speeds. Other plants have a specialty mix that's hard to run and waste is costly! Most are somewhere in between. No matter what your situation, we have a solution for you.


Water Resistant Resins

We have run weather-resistant activators for over 40 years. Agriculture, food, poultry, and many more applications have used our chemistry for superior MRA/WRA results.


Performance Resins

Our performance resin line is a combination of our world class performance products and our proven water-resistant resins. We have a variety of blends for your operations.

Supporting Products

Working in conjuction with our core products, CCI offers a variety of options for the starch and corrugator. Many products were created to meet the needs of our customers. Looking for something in particular? Let our team of chemists create a custom solution for you!


Starch Room

Liquid Borax • One Bag Mix • Defoamers • Penetrating Agent • Starch Line Cleaners • Calcium Remover



Alumina and Silica Anti-Skid • Roll Cleaners • Paper Lubricant