We have one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. Through a series of questions and onsite process observations, we can customize the best solutions for your unique operation.


Performance Additives

Customers use our performance additives for a variety of reasons. Some plants need consistent high speeds. Other plants have a specialty mix that's hard to run and waste is costly! Most are somewhere in between. No matter what your situation, we have a solution for you.


Water Resistant Resins

We have run weather-resistant activators for over 40 years. Agriculture, food, poultry, and many more applications have used our chemistry for superior MRA/WRA results.


Performance Resins

Our performance resin line is a combination of our world class performance products and our proven water-resistant resins. We have a variety of blends for your operations.

Articles & Resources

Troubleshooting Foam in the Starch Adhesive

Do you need help troubleshooting "foaming issues" of your corrugator adhesive? 


TURBO MAX® our liquid product designed to increase tack and provide faster bond settings.

Evaluating Starch Lines Using Iodine Stains

Understand the iodine solution system to evaluate starch lines.

Steam Showers to Precondition the Medium

Your Corrugated Chemicals Technical Specialist can help coach in this area.

Supply chain issues causing you time and money?

Understanding Tension Issues with Corrugated Board

Hot Plate Section Article 1

Board Quality Problems on the Doubleface Side

Hot Plate Section Article 3

Achieving Consistency with Bonding

Are you wanting to achieve consistency through your bonding process?

Board Quality Problems on the Doubleface Side

Hot Plate Section Article 2

Supporting Products

Working in conjuction with our core products, CCI offers a variety of options for the starch and corrugator. Many products were created to meet the needs of our customers. Looking for something in particular? Let our team of chemists create a custom solution for you!


Starch Room

Liquid Borax • One Bag Mix • Defoamers • Penetrating Agent • Starch Line Cleaners • Calcium Remover



Alumina and Silica Anti-Skid • Roll Cleaners • Paper Lubricant